December 21, 2009

New Year's 2010- The Fifth Ever Decentralized Dance Party!

Up for grabs is an unprecedented night of lunacy and laughter as Tom+Gary once again transform The City That Always Sleeps into a Pleasure-ridden Party Paradise!

(photo c/o Photographess extraordinaire Sarah Hamilton)

December 19, 2009

The Fourth Ever Decentralized Dance Party / Vancouver Santacon 2009

In its glorious, unabridged entirety!

December 13, 2009

"Instruments Of The Revolution"

A new gallery of every single boombox in our collection
Is now readily available here:

Just scored an awesome lot of stereos!


December 8, 2009

This Is A Charity Drive For Figgy Puddings!

(full video coming soon!)

The New West News Leader Reports:

Parade crashers stage Santa 'dance party' on Columbia Street

"Everybody was surprised," said Melanie Vogel, executive director of Hyack Festival Association, which organized the parade.

The mob of Santa-clad revellers were making lots of noise, many carrying "boom box" stereos. The group was dancing and cheering as they joined the parade—an unofficial entry.

"It was not organized by Hyack at all," said Vogel, adding that most people in the crowd thought it was all quite funny and entertaining.

The group had a portable trampoline, and a few had sleds that they carried along.

Most wore Santa robes and hats—some quite elaborate, while others looked cobbled together. A few others wore risqué Ms. Claus outfits.

The group danced its way with the parade down towards New Westminster SkyTrain Station, at the corner of Eighth and Columbia, where they lingered and continued their "dance party."

The crowd seemed to enjoy the spectacle, Vogel said.

December 7, 2009

The Fourth Ever Decentralized Dance Party / Vancouver Santacon 2009 Was A Success!

Great memories and great madness as we teamed up with with 500 other Jolly Old Souls, lugging 30 synchronized boomboxes, a trampoline and several toboggans in a ridiculous adventure across the GVRD.
Highlights included Brentwood Mall Crawl, Santa's Private Skytrain, the unauthorized crashing of the New Westminster Santa Claus Parade and Figgy Puddings!
(all photos c/o Jenn Summers and Laurent Piché)

December 3, 2009

The Boombox Diaries- Santa's Seattle Sojourn

A pleasurable prelude to this weekend's Santacon...